Dates: TBA – Women’s Retreat Mexico 2020


Dates: TBA


Come to this Amazing Women’s Retreat in Tepozlan, Mexico

Included: airport pickup, food, room and retreat materials.

The Yoga and Ayurveda teachings states, “that disease starts in the subtle body.” The subtle body is the energy field or aura that surrounds the physical body.
In this retreat you will learn:
  • Protecting yourself from energy vampires -people who deplete your energy
  • Healing gem stones for protecting your energy, balancing your chakras, and clearing out negative energy
  • Sound healing using sound for clearing and changing you energy through tuning forks, sacred words, and singing bowels
  • Meditation technique’s for healing and protection
  • Magnetic healing using magnetics for clearing energy and changing the polarity of energy
 This Years Program includes Healing and Working With The Energetic Body

Contact:   or call 214-226-5247 You may email me for payment.


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There is no refunds for cancellation. Your deposit can be used as credit towards workshops, events, or future training with Alpha Omega Yoga.


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