Pigeon Pose
Sanskrit: Kapotasana

Understanding the practice of Pigeon pose comes with having an open mind and just not a flexible body. As it is a challenging pose, it is best done after the practice of various other poses which are less challenging, but lead to Kapotasana. To attain the maximum from this practice understanding Kapotasana (Pigeon Pose) benefits is essential, which are mentioned in 10 points below.

  1. Kapotasana improves flexibility of the entire Spine.
  2. Pigeon Pose makes you stronger, as it builds strength with maximum extensions of the limbs.
  3. Crown Chakra is activated with the fresh flow of blood to the head.
  4. Stretches the various muscles like – abdomen, psoas, thigh, groin, ankle, throat and the chest.
  5. Pigeon Pose is a great hip opener.
  6. Activates the various organs in the body, keeping them in good condition.
  7. Diaphragm muscles are stretched improving the breathing.
  8. Kapotasana, when practiced by a yogi for longer duration, helps to attain spiritual benefits and there is a sense of harmony.
  9. Prana flow increases with the expansion of the chest along with the backbend.
  10. Pigeon pose is a great pose for women in general, as it helps to use the pelvic floor muscles in a efficient way, helping with reproduction.