Dancer Pose
Sanskrit: Natarajasana

This asana talks about the overall muscle strength right from the shoulders and chest to the hips and toes. Let us go in detail with the various other benefits.

  • The raising of the leg beyond the hip, stretches the hamstrings, calves and the quadricep muscles, thus making them more flexible and strong.
  • The hips are toned here with the backbend of the lower back and the thighs.
  • Beautiful asana to tone the arms and the shoulders removing the wrong posture of the shoulders and the extra fat at the upper arms .
  • The chest and the shoulders expand here, thus creating more space for the breath.
  • The entire spine is in action, thus toning the muscles around it including the neck and builds overall flexibility.
  • The most important benefit one gets from this pose is the balancing of the body, thus giving room for more focus towards mind and body. This further improves concentration and memory
  • This asana cures joint pains, works on a hunch back, is excellent for athletes as the hamstrings are kept fit.
  • As the abdominal area is expanded to its maximum, the abdominal organs are kept toned , improving digestion.
  • The thyroid glands are activated, when one takes the neck deep stretched upwards in the advance level pose of Natrajasana.